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4 Ways to Stop Sweating the Small Stuff at Work

You must prioritize to be successful at work.  When you drop the following things from your to-do list, you’ll stop wasting precious time and energy and become more effective where it counts.

1)     After you suggest a new time- or money-saving measure to your supervisor and your supervisor expresses a preference for the current method or system, drop it.  Pushing further could cause you to be perceived as an aggressive know-it-all by the person who’s doing your performance evaluations and you don’t want that.

2)     Unless ...

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When You Can’t Stand Another Day in Your Current Position…

  1. Breathe.
  2. Join a job seekers support group or meetup. A job seekers / job finders support group isn’t about moping, nor is it solely about emotional support (although that may be a component).  It’s about learning the skills and abilities of those in the group, discovering what each person is looking for, then working as a team to get everyone connected with a job they love. The time you invest in a group like this is multiplied by the number of ...
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