Illegal Interview Questions

If you’ve undergone any training in hiring and interviewing, you’re aware of the areas that you’re supposed to avoid asking about during an interview:

• Race
• Sexual Orientation
• Religion
• National origin/birthplace
• Age
• Disability
• Marital/family status
• Criminal history
• Military background

However, you may be asking improper questions unintentionally, if you are not careful in how you phrase them. And even a seemingly casual icebreaker can land you in hot water and open up your company to legal repercussions. There are appropriate ways to find ...

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7 Interview Questions to Find the Right Candidate

Hiring the right people is central to the continuing growth and success of your business. Conducting interviews can feel like a waste of time, unless you use that time wisely. If you ask questions that identify job skills, target personal strengths and weaknesses and get a feel for someone’s sense of teamwork and cooperation, you will get a better idea of whether a candidate is the right one for you.

That doesn’t mean you should ask snooze-inducing questions like “Do you ...

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Five Important Steps: Writing Recruitment Ads to Attract the Best Talent

Would you be satisfied with the candidate “leftovers” for your job postings? When the best candidates are scooped up by the employers with the best recruitment ads, that’s what you’ll be left with. The best way you can avoid being stuck with the dregs of the candidate pool is to write a better ad. Here are five steps you can take when writing your ad to start attracting the best candidates.

1. Clearly state job requirements.

Candidates won’t bother applying ...

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Harvard Business School: Grooming Next-Generation Leaders

Harvard Business School professors W. Earl Sasser and Das Narayandas are experts in leadership development. In an article from Working Knowledge, the school’s forum of faculty research, the two professors discuss their working knowledge of grooming future leaders.

The four major discussion points highlighted in the article are:

Targeting talent

Talent needs to be recognized and nurtured in order to fulfill leadership potential.

What should future leaders learn?

Talent should be given an understanding of more ...

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How Employers Can Contain Costs with Staffing

What business isn’t looking to control expenses? Staffing firms offer many effective solutions for reducing overhead, managing operating costs and improving organizational performance. Used effectively, staffing services can save you more than they cost.

Here are some key ways you can use staffing to reduce costs in your organization:

Convert fixed expenses to variable.
Develop a plan to staff your business strategically. Minimize the number of permanent employees on your staff to the level needed to sustain your core volume of work. ...

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Motivation Secrets – It’s Not Always About the Money

No matter what industry or what size company; employee motivation is one of the key factors that determine the success of an organization. But motivating employees can be easier said than done!  So how can you keep your team motivated? Here are a few ideas (beyond just pay raises):

  • Get buy-in.
    Employees will NOT be motivated if they don’t believe in the company. It’s important to build a firm base for your employees, so ...
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The Strategic Corporal: The New Empowerment

I often enjoy my talks with my brother Scott.  A retired Army, Lieutenant Colonel, Scott still doesn’t take himself too seriously, even after working at senior levels at the Pentagon and teaching at the prestigious Army Command Staff College.  Once in a while, we hit a note in our talks that brings about an “Aha” moment for me.  Earlier this week I mentioned how proud I am of the professionalism in the junior ranks ...

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Can HR Deliver Disruptive Innovation?

Disruptive technology and disruptive innovation are terms used in business and technology literature to describe innovations that improve a product or service in ways that the market does not expect, typically by being lower priced or designed for a different set of consumers.  The original concept was introduced in an article by Josephe Bower and Clayton Christen (1995) that introduced the concept.

Henry Ford’s Model T, the PC, and the Iphone, are all examples of ...

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Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA)

Do you know GINA?  (New employer posting requirement from the DOL)

On November 21, 2009, employers will be required to begin posting language about the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA). This poster should be displayed wherever you currently post other required labor law and state regulations in the workplace, and the template from the Department of Labor is attached.

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (Pub.L. 110-233, 122 Stat. 881, enacted May 21, 2008, ...

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Using a Star to Become a Star Hire

A popular method used by organizations that prefer more formalized interview methods is a technique called the Behavioral Interview.  Also known as Targeted Selection, this approach is to extract specific experiences from the interviewee that would likely predict future behavior; a well-believed notion within the HR ranks.  You know you’re in the middle of such an interview when the interviewer asks: “Tell me about a time when _____________.  “Describe the issue, what you did and ...

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