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New OSHA Directives on PPE for Temporary Staffing Firms

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Are Workers Better or Worse Off Under the ACA?

According to this new survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM):

  • 14% of employers have already reduced hours for part-time employees
  • 6% of employers plan to reduce hours for part-time employees
  • 9% of employers have considered reducing hours for full-time employees
  • 10% of employers have considered reducing their workforce as a result of the ACA

Since January, companies with a minimum of 100 employees must offer health coverage to workers on the job at least 30 hours per week—or face financial penalties.  ...

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Not a Fan of Obamacare?: The Options

Affordable Care ActBelow is a summary of three dominant approaches being suggested by people who want to see significant change with Obamacare:

#1 REFORM:  Those coming from this school of thought think repeal is so unlikely that reform is the most realistic approach for making changes to healthcare as we now know it.

#2 REPLACE: This camp includes ...

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