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Hiring and Recruiting Tips for Temporary Staffing, Direct Hire Staffing, Government Staffing, & Hospitality Staffing in Sarasota & Bradenton, FL.

9 Things to Look For When Selecting a Recruiter

1. Poise: Without it, a recruiter is unlikely to make winning connections between organizations and people seeking positions.

2. Marketing skills: You need a recruiter who can market you to hiring teams, right?

3. Goal-oriented: Skilled recruiters are driven by targets.  Unless a recruiter has experience placing a given number of people in a given period, they might not be around long ...

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Tips for Recruiting Success in 2015


If you’re like 69% of recruiters, you expect competition to increase in 2015. With the demand for highly skilled workers on the rise, what can YOU do to outpace your competition?  Buy a clue from JobVite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey which was completed by 1,855 recruiting and HR professionals across most industries.  It reveals the practices ...

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5 Tips to Keep Your New Hire from Backfiring

Given the high number of new hires that don’t work out, it’s time to review your company’s hiring strategy.  The good news is that once you sharpen your insight into what makes prospective employees successful, you can vastly improve your hiring track record.  Build the following enquiries into your screening, interviewing, and on-boarding processes and you’ll be on track to beat the statistics!

1. How trainable is the prospective employee?

  • Does s/he take feedback well?
  • Is s/he willing and able to adjust behavior ...
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