How to Conduct Interviews in a Lawful Manner

A few tips from Ad-VANCE to ensure your interviews are conducted in a lawful manner…

For Employers: Before conducting candidate interviews, always ask yourself this one question: Can I demonstrate a job-related necessity for asking each interview question? An interview question should never be asked if it is not directly related to judging an applicant’s qualifications, level of skills, or overall competence for the position. It is advised to have some kind of interview outline to structure the direction ...

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Tips for Getting New Employees up to Speed Quickly

Whether you call it onboarding or staff induction, the amount of time, effort and thought that you put into welcoming a new employee to your company will have a tremendous impact on how quickly they will be able to contribute to your bottom line. How can you get your new hires up to speed quickly?

According to author Michael Watkins, the founder and chairman of Genesis Advisers, there are four domains that new hires need to master: business orientation, expectations ...

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HR Metrics: Why are They Important, and Which Ones Should You Be Tracking?

Many HR professionals want to obtain and retain a seat at the executive table. If you are lucky enough to achieve one, how can you get your ideas across to the CEO, CFO or other executives? Learn to think like an executive: Are you using metrics? Are you using metrics that matter?

Why Should You Use Metrics?

There are several reasons to create, track and analyze metrics. One crucial reason is that doing so enables HR to speak to senior management in ...

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Top 5 Reasons Employees Leave Their Jobs

Recently, we shared our thoughts on 10 Ways to Retain Your Top Employees. In light of recent research, we thought we would share the Top 5 Reasons Employees Leave Their Jobs.

According to findings from Deloitte’s fourth annual “Ethics & Workplace Survey,”

  • • Forty-six percent of those who want to change jobs are mainly motivated by a loss of trust in their employers
  • • Forty-six percent said a lack of transparent communication from their organization’s leadership was the reason why they were ...
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10 Ways to Retain Your Top Employees

As we begin to come out of a difficult recession, companies need to realize that their most valued employees will be presented with other opportunities. Instead of watching your top talent walk out the door as soon as they get a better offer, try following these 10 steps to retain your top performers:

1. Clearly identify the people you want to keep. In recent years, many executives have focused on whom they should get rid of rather than on whom they should ...

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Interviewing? Top 10 Red Flags to Watch For

As the Gulf Coast’s recognized leader in staffing solutions and the largest provider of staffing and HR services in two counties, we’ve screened and interviewed thousands of candidates over the years. We’ve seen every red flag a candidate can raise – from flat-out lies to major attitudes, from laziness to lack of wardrobe sense. Here is a list of the top 10 red flags to watch out for when interviewing prospective employees:

Red flag #1. The candidate has zero knowledge of ...

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Illegal Interview Questions

If you’ve undergone any training in hiring and interviewing, you’re aware of the areas that you’re supposed to avoid asking about during an interview:

• Race
• Sexual Orientation
• Religion
• National origin/birthplace
• Age
• Disability
• Marital/family status
• Criminal history
• Military background

However, you may be asking improper questions unintentionally, if you are not careful in how you phrase them. And even a seemingly casual icebreaker can land you in hot water and open up your company to legal repercussions. There are appropriate ways to find ...

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7 Interview Questions to Find the Right Candidate

Hiring the right people is central to the continuing growth and success of your business. Conducting interviews can feel like a waste of time, unless you use that time wisely. If you ask questions that identify job skills, target personal strengths and weaknesses and get a feel for someone’s sense of teamwork and cooperation, you will get a better idea of whether a candidate is the right one for you.

That doesn’t mean you should ask snooze-inducing questions like “Do you ...

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Five Important Steps: Writing Recruitment Ads to Attract the Best Talent

Would you be satisfied with the candidate “leftovers” for your job postings? When the best candidates are scooped up by the employers with the best recruitment ads, that’s what you’ll be left with. The best way you can avoid being stuck with the dregs of the candidate pool is to write a better ad. Here are five steps you can take when writing your ad to start attracting the best candidates.

1. Clearly state job requirements.

Candidates won’t bother applying ...

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Harvard Business School: Grooming Next-Generation Leaders

Harvard Business School professors W. Earl Sasser and Das Narayandas are experts in leadership development. In an article from Working Knowledge, the school’s forum of faculty research, the two professors discuss their working knowledge of grooming future leaders.

The four major discussion points highlighted in the article are:

Targeting talent

Talent needs to be recognized and nurtured in order to fulfill leadership potential.

What should future leaders learn?

Talent should be given an understanding of more ...

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