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Christopher Strait

Christopher Strait



With a B.A. in Psychology and a minor focus in International Relations I am interested in how people think, communicate, and understand themselves with emphasis on how people perceive and interact with different cultures, and how these perceptions and decisions can be studied and applied to the real world.


After graduating from the University of South Florida I began my career path in the staffing industry with Ad-Vance Talent Solutions in Bradenton, FL in the fall of 2014. I came to discover that my passion for psychology and people translated into a successful and fulfilling career in the recruiting and staffing industry and quickly rose from assistant to junior recruiter, and then to full-recruiter, within my first year. Now after being at Ad-Vance for over 2 years I have honed in on the area of executive level placement and enjoy assisting a wide spectrum of skilled, and career oriented candidates with unparalleled support/guidance through the taxing process of job searching!