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Tips for Team Building

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  You may already have strategies for team building, this is another powerful tool to add to you tool kit. People are motivated in two directions. Some people are motivated to Move Towards rewards or pleasure while others are motivated to Move Away From problems or pain. When you have a...

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Gig Economy


There is a section of our economy that has risen to the status of having its own name. It’s called the gig economy. And its members are called gig workers. These are the workers that provide freelance work or work under short-term contracts. Who’s doing Gig Work? Before the pandemic there was...

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How to Focus


We are constantly being bombarded by social media, TV commercials and the distractions of everyday life. Paying the bills, responding to emails, notifications from Facebook, all seem like they are necessary tasks. But many times they don’t do much to move us forward in our business lives. What...

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Ad-VANCE Awards Scholarships to Local Graduates


Ad-VANCE Talent Solutions has been a community partner with Manatee Technical College for over 20 years. With the importance of education prevalent in most workforces, Ad-VANCE has begun offering scholarship to local high school graduates for programs that are offered at Manatee Technical...

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Motivating Other People


Motivation is an issue that everyone has to deal with at one time or another. Whether you are a salesman selling a product or a manager trying to keep your team motivated, here are several insights you might want to keep in mind. While it’s obvious that everyone is not motivated by the same...

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Finding Agreement

coworkers arguing

What to do when you and your coworker are in the middle of a disagreement. We all have those times when we disagree, whether it’s a in business or a in personal relationship. But what can you do when there doesn’t seem to be any common ground? Before you start looking for a solution, it’s very...

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