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3 Surprising Tips to Get Your Resume Recognized by the Right Employer

3 Surprising Tips to Get Your Resume Recognized by the Right Employer


Building a resume is one thing, but building a resume that will appeal to the right set of eyes is another. Even if you have all the bases covered in your basic professional resume, there are a few surprising ways you can make it most appealing when applying for an ideal position. Here are four things you should work to incorporate into your resume that will help you land the job in Sarasota you are going for.

Cater Your Listed Skill Set to the Industry

You may have a ton of skills in an array of different industries, but an employer really only needs to see the skills that pertain to the job for which you are applying. Therefore, when you are listing the skills you possess on your resume, be careful to use the attributes that will be important in the position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a position at a local newspaper office, your skills as a writer and editor will be most important.

Keep the Most Important Information at the Top of Your Resume

The person in charge of recruiting for a specific position may only glance at a resume and scan it quickly because they have so many applicants. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you keep the most important information close to the top of your resume where it will be most likely to be noticed. If it is your previous experience that looks the most attractive, list it immediately after the introduction and your contact information.

Don’t Get Too Creative with Resume Building

Your resume does not have to be pretty in order to be selected to be considered further. A recruiter will be looking for things like your skills and previous experience and could really care less if you have the most modern font styles or creative layout. Besides, if the resume is in a more traditional format, a reviewer will be able to figure out quickly what they are looking at without having to spend more time tracking down tidbits f important information because the resume is different than most.

With a little time and attention to detail, building a resume that will get you noticed as a good candidate is an easy feat. Whether you are an employee looking for a position or an employer who needs help with recruitment, contact Ad-Vance Talent Solutions for more information.