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3 Top Tips for Utilizing Social Recruiting to Fill Those Vacant Positions

3 Top Tips for Utilizing Social Recruiting to Fill Those Vacant Positions


Social media is used for everything in business these days from communicating with customers to marketing, so why shouldn’t it be used where employee relations are concerned? The fact is, 59 percent of employees claim that one of their biggest reasons for choosing a specific employer was their social media presence. If you’ve been struggling to fill those open slots in your workforce, it is definitely time to use this tidbit of knowledge to your advantage. Here are a few top social recruiting tips you should be using in your hiring efforts.

Make use of Twitter, and don’t forget the hashtags.

Twitter is an excellent recruiting tool, even though most businesses only use Twitter as a way to hold interest of consumers. By posting a tweet on Twitter about having open positions with a public setting, this single phrase has all the potential to reach thousands of interested parties. Kick up your efforts a notch or two by coming up with a creative hashtag. Hashtags are like a call out for attention at the end of your tweet. However, if a hashtag is enticing enough, it will be clicked and the clicker will be shown a group of tweets with a similar hashtag. So come up with a hashtag for recruiting purposes, like #CompanyNameJobs or #GetHiredCompanyName. This simple attachment could potentially garner an incredible amount of attention from job seekers on the social media site.

Sign up for Buffer to get posts online at the right times.

Buffer is a pretty amazing platform that allows you to connect company social media profiles and schedule posting for specific times so you don’t have to manually make every post. There is an ideal time for everything where business and social media postings are concerned. Do a little research to find out when your target audience would most likely be online. For example, if you take a look at your company’s Facebook page and see that there are more interaction and comments in the afternoon, schedule your postings around that knowledge.

Don’t disregard the importance of a strong LinkedIn profile for your company’s hiring needs.

It is a well-known fact among many business owners that LinkedIn is important for recruiting purposes. As many as 93-percent of businesses actually head to LinkedIn first when they need positions filled. However, you need to make your LinkedIn profile look attractive to candidates for recruiting to be successful. When a potential employee seeks out a company that’s hiring, they will undoubtedly take a long hard look at their company profile to gather information and knowledge. If it has been a while since your company’s LinkedIn profile has had an update, beef it up a little and make sure it is accurate when you start posting open positions.

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