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4 Ways to Target Tech Savvy Millennials

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It takes more than a few beanbag chairs and a free company Apple laptop to attract the people who will put you ahead of your competition. The new, tech savvy Millennial generation has more employment options open than ever before, and despite whatever unemployment rate you may see in the news, you will always be in competition for this elite group. Here are four ways to target and bring these exciting, revenue producing crop of workers to your company.


Improve Your Everyman Appeal.


Believe it or not, today’s Millennial does not want to work at the company that looks like the biggest corporate structure. This is why the companies with the biggest corporate structures routinely look like startups in their ads to new talent at college fairs. The secret to attracting new talent is authenticity, not false bravado. For instance, ditch the traditional rectangular table in the public meeting room; you will do much better with a circular one.


Employ New Technologies.


Young people want an excuse to be involved with virtual gaming, social media and infographics. Let your potential employees know that you embrace the new ways of communicating with the world, and that your company uses these methods in the day to day workload. If you can make a job seem like a day off behind the computer, then you will definitely attract more talent.


Make It Difficult to Leave.


Attracting talent is one thing; retaining it is another. Following the example of the successful companies that retain employees may help. Facebook and Google offer lunch on site, on site gym equipment, free parking around the building and small bedroom/bathroom side rooms for employees to spend the night working on a project. Give your employees every reason to stay on the premises, and they will, increasing their productivity and connection to your company.


Invest in Training and Mentorship.


You may be able to dust off those older employees for something useful: mentorship. Although the younger people straight out of school have the newest technical knowledge, they may be uncertain in how to apply this knowledge. As a matter of fact, you know they are, because if they knew how, they would start their own companies. Do not relegate your training to a 15 year old, hour long VHS tape. Prepare your older employees to groom and work with the newer crop. Make it clear to your older people that you are not trying to replace them, but you are giving them lead roles to help guide the talent of the younger set. You may face some office politics, but you will come out on top.




Do not become discouraged by YouTube videos of new companies letting employees brew their own beer and play Pong in the office. Find your unique selling point and sell it.