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5 Reasons to Throw a Company Party This Summer

5 Reasons to Throw a Company Party This Summer


Your company’s annual Christmas party is legendary and much loved, but twelve months is a long time for your employees to wait for the next celebration. Summer is a wonderful season to boost spirits and build strong ties with the community. These parties can be surprisingly affordable, and they can give your company a big advantage in the months to come.

Creative Ways to Stretch the Budget

There are plenty of places where you won’t have to splurge on expensive decorations or rent a space. Look at local city parks, beaches, or even the grounds around your building. Grilling is a summer tradition, and your employees will love chowing down on roasted corn cobs and burgers sourced from the local farmers’ markets. For entertainment, think about fun team-building games like bag races or volleyball. Just remember to have chairs for everyone and set up a tent to keep the summer sun off of them.

Boost Employee Spirits

Happy employees are dramatically more motivated and focused. A company party is a great way for them to relax a little and know that they are appreciated. One way to do this is to hand out small awards or tokens of recognition. You can take a cue from ‘The Office’ and give away funny personalized trophies to top employees. Otherwise, you can use more tangible rewards like a half-day off, a gift card for a local maid service, or a Chocolate of the Month Club membership.

Increase Communication Between Departments

In large or busy companies, different departments may rarely interact with each other. This can lead to miscommunication and slow reactions when something unexpected comes up. Your employees can get to know each other better during a relaxed summer party. Icebreakers (and an icy beverage) can be helpful here. Look for cooperative party games like team-based scavenger hunts or Pictionary and Charades lightning rounds. If employees’ children are invited to the party as well, make sure you have entertainment for them like petting zoos or a face painter.

Build a Great Company Name in the Community

Your reputation in the community can linger for years, so make sure you build a good one. A fun and energetic summer BBQ will be shared on social media by your employees. The photos taken there will look great on the ‘About Us’ section of your business web site. Don’t forget to create a party hashtag and encourage everyone to share it with their friends and family. You can also work with other local businesses to build more buzz. It could be something as small as giving out gift cards to a local coffee shop or hiring a nearby restaurant as a caterer.

Don’t Forget the Tax Benefits

You’ll be glad you threw a summer party when it’s time to pay your taxes. One hundred percent of meals and entertainment provided to employees can be written off as a business expense. Spoil your staff you’ll reap the benefits later. In fact, maybe this will convince you to throw a quarterly party?


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