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5 Recruiting Tips Every Employer Should Know

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Whether you need new employees to diversify your existing business, or you’re just starting out, you really have to be careful when seeking recruits.  Every employee represents a facet of your company that will either boost or bomb it.  Below are 5 tips on how to select candidates to recruit for jobs in sarasota.


What you see is not always what you get.  Have you ever met people who ‘dress’ and ‘say’ the part but later on you find out it was just a lot of show?  Phony people never make for a firm working foundation.  During an interview watch out for people whose answers to questions are too lofty or branch off into areas that don’t pertain to the basic work ethics on hand.  Carefully craft your questions to weed out the phony applicants from the genuine article.


Implement a short goal orientated essay.  A mandatory one page essay will give you an idea where your potential employee is headed.  Ask questions like, where do you see yourself in the next ten years?  Do you plan on building your own home in the future?  Would you like to have a family of your own?  Do you prefer public to personal transportation?  If the candidate has any ambition they will write this essay with enthusiasm.


Make sure the recruit wants to work for you.  The best way to find this out is to simply ask. “Have you ever visualized working for a company like this?” Some people just want something to hold onto until the next job.  Once this person is willing to give their best as long as they are with you there is nothing wrong with this mind set.  However, psychologically they will always be looking ahead to leaving and will never give their full potential. If the person seems like a valuable asset consider giving them a temp position to keep the work going until they find their niche.


Have your placement plan ready.  Everyone who applies for a certain position may not be equipped for the post.  An employer hired a woman as a sales rep; in short, she brought in no sales at all. Nevertheless, his company thrived on regular clients who were drawn to this woman’s  character and bubbly personality.  Eventually he let her go but regretted it later on.  Probation periods let you analyze who does what best then you can place them in the correct department.


See that recruits pass the ‘drinking’ test.  A responsible employer wants employees to work in harmony as much as possible.  The best way to subtly test recruits social aptitude is to take them out for a casual drink.  If you find that you can’t stand to be around the recruit for more than five minutes chances are no one else will either. Bad apples damage company productivity.