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Our 5 Favorite Tech Tools to Keep Workplace Communication Easy and Productivity High

5 favorite tech tools


Technology has completely changed the way the basic business operates for the better, whether the business is large or small, especially where communication and productivity is concerned. Plus, many of the most beneficial apps and tools are either free of charge or really inexpensive to acquire, which makes these tools a cost-efficient implementation. Here are a few of our favorite workplace tools we think you should check out for your business.


When you think of Facebook, you may think about shared selfies and funny statements from friends and family, but the truth is, Facebook can also be highly effective in a workplace environment. Create a private Facebook page where employees only are members and can share tidbits of information throughout the work day, such as a fantastic review or photos of a new product.

Google Apps for Business

Google has a pretty amazing platform of apps for businesses, including necessary things like employee email addresses for each individual, online data storage, and even business calendars. Google even has an app to help you arrange virtual office meetings online, which is quite efficient if you have a handful of traveling employees or more than one office.


Dropbox is often viewed as solely a photo sharing or collecting website, but Dropbox is highly beneficial for businesses as well. You can use Dropbox to store large files, whether it is photos or videos, to save data collection space on your own company system. The files can easily be shared on the website instead of through email, which works well with excessively large files that have a difficult time converting.


If you are constantly handling projects that need the time tracked for productivity or billing reasons, ClockingIt.com can be an all out lifesaver. This free platform allows you to keep track of time spent on the projects you are working on within your business. The website even offers some pretty cool functionally perfect extended features for business, such as collaboration and project management. Plus, it is available in multiple languages.


Evernote has been around for a while, and it did take a while for it to be recognized as potentially valuable in the business world. However, Evernote now has both individual and business accounts. You can set up private notebooks for business collaborations and allow whoever you want to make notes. Evernote make it is easy to keep everyone involved on specific projects, plus the platform is simple enough to use that it will not slow your production.