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5 Ways to Ace an Interview with a Bare-Bones Resume

5 Ways to Ace an Interview with a Bare-Bones Resume


Are you nervous about a coming interview because your resume is a little on the lean side? Maybe you’re a recent graduate or your employment history has gaps. The good news is that employers aren’t hiring a piece of paper. They’re looking to hire a whole person with well-rounded skills. Here’s how to ace the interview and show the company why they want you on the team.

Hone Your Communication Skills

Every interviewer wants a candidate with good communication skills. Some jobs, especially in customer service, will prioritize this over anything on your resume. Remember that communication is a two-way street. You’ll need to listen closely to what the interviewer says. Have a few questions prepared in advance to show you are truly interested in the company and understand the position. Body language is also very important. Face the interviewer, have good posture, and never interrupt.

Be a Quick Study

Any new job involves a period of weeks to months when you have a tremendous amount to learn. Employers are looking for people who pick up skills and procedures quickly. The ability to learn something fast can also help you climb the career ladder. Can you draw on your previous job experience? Try to mention in the interview a time when you had to pick up new skills on the fly.

Finding Creative Solutions

What do you do when the task at hand hits a snag? Employers are very interested in your problem solving ability. It marks you as an employee who does not give up easily and who is flexible enough to work across departments. This skill includes analyzing the problem, listening to others’ opinions, and working with the team to implement a solid solution. Look for examples of when you overcame problems in your professional or academic career.

Think Outside the Box

Creativity is vital in many fields, not just the arts. Innovators who can proactively invent solutions outside the box create a dynamic working environment. They allow the company to see the big picture and translate that into real life products, services, and streamlined policies. Companies want to hear your unique perspective, diplomatically stated. Before your interview, do some research into their background, their current projects, and their upcoming challenges. Share some of your insights during the interview and they may be eager to add your perceptive talents to their company.

Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Dress appropriately. It’s generally better to be overdressed than under-dressed.
  • Be careful that you don’t subtly insult the product or the company.
  • Don’t be defensive about your resume. Explain any gaps and move the interview forward to what skills you bring.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to get ready. Practice your interview skills ahead of time so you feel more comfortable.
  • Many interviews have been flubbed because someone loaded up on espresso or harder drinks beforehand. Try to go in with a clear head.

Job Hunting Made Easy

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