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6 Statements That Have No Place in the Workplace


  1. “It’s not my job.”If your boss asks you to complete a task, then guess what?  It’s just become your job!  If you don’t know how to do what’s being assigned, share that you’re not an expert on the task, but you’ll happily seek out whatever resources may be needed to get the job done.
  2. “This position is only a stepping stone.” It very well may be, but you don’t need to broadcast it.  Saying this as an excuse for not doing your best is more likely to facilitate getting you fired than to furnish a next step for you.  Your co-workers–and especially your employer–won’t appreciate your “one foot in, one foot out” mentality.  Committing yourself 100% to your current position is the best way to pave the way for your next opportunity.
  3. “I feel you” or “I’m not feeling it.” #1 Ditch the slang.  #2 You better get on board with feeling it if you plan on advancing in your field.
  4. “You owe me one.”If you helped your boss out of a jam by staying late or working on the weekend–with this simple utterance–you’ll immediately blow any good karma you may have created. Even if you have a loose and casual relationship with your supervisor, avoid implying that you expect a “payback.”  Your job is to support your boss and be a team player.
  5. Any variation of “Last night was crazy, yo!” or “I’m just not a morning person.” TMI.  No one needs to know what you did last night and how you feel is not that relevant to anyone but you.  Skip the discourse–have some coffee and do your best.
  6. Any kind of gossip. It will damage your relationships and your reputation.  Go gossip-free for the next month and watch your world transform.