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7 Rules for Recruiters When Texting with Candidates

7 Rules for Recruiters When Texting with Candidates


Are you a tech-savvy recruiter who chats with candidates over text messages? This is a great way to build a connection with the best young talent in the nation. Chances are, they have more than one recruiter interested in them, but you can get an edge on the competition. Texting is one tool that can help you stand out in a candidate’s mind. However, you need to understand when and how to text these people.


Texting is perfect for simple messages, particularly those that require a yes or no response. This makes it ideal for acting for directions, warning about delays, or giving busy candidates a head’s up that you’ve emailed them. Here are seven tips for effective texting:

1: Ask About Texting

This one is short and to the point: ask your candidate if it’s alright if you text them. Many candidates will be fine with this style of communication. Others may prefer if you didn’t. Next, ask if there’s any specific time or frequency that works best for them. Finally, when sending texts, remember to include your name so they know who it’s from.

2: Cut to the Point

Texting is a streamlined medium of communication. It works best for asking short questions and giving quick answers. Make sure that every word counts. You don’t need to waste time here with long greetings. At the same time, remember to stay professional. Check your grammar and punctuation before sending.

3: Mind Your Texting Etiquette

Texting seems like a casual mode of communication, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Time management experts believe in the two minute rule of texting. This means that the text should be able to be responded to within two minutes. More complex conversations are better conducted over email or the phone.

4: Stay Professional

Although you’re trying to build a rapport with this candidate, keep in mind that you’re a professional. Avoid slang terms, internet jargon, and emoticons. It’s better to be clear here when discussing employment terms and opportunities.

5: Add a Personal Touch

When communicating by text, you have a great opportunity to strike a conversational tone with the candidate. Instead of boilerplate replies, craft personalized messages. You may want to add a touch of friendly humor and warmth to the texts. This helps you build a connection with the candidate and stand out in their mind.

6: Text With Tact

Texting seems like a simplified, blunt way to communicate. However, even with limited numbers of characters, you need to be tactful. Doublecheck your texts before sending them to correct any errors. Make sure your intended message is clear. If you aren’t moving forward with a candidate, don’t tell them this over text.

7: Stay Timely

Texts can fly between recruiter and candidate at rapid speed. Remember to value your potential job candidate’s time as highly as your own. Try to respond in a timely way. If you can’t, let the candidate know that you got their message and will reply as soon as possible.


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