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9 Questions That Will Help You Find Your Dream Career

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Making a new career move can be downright nerve wracking. You’ve probably been in a specific career rut for so long you don’t even know if you qualify for anything substantial. In fact, the obligations of your present job were so pressing you never had time to think whether you wanted to do something different or not. When you do seriously consider that career move you wonder if you can really make it in today’s competitive world.


If you are about to take the leap into scouting for jobs in bradenton fl ask yourself some soul searching questions. These make the job move a more solid facet in your mind as compared to a far fetched dream.


Fill out the questionnaire below. This is just a basic step, but it is sure step in defining your career destination.

  1. If I could choose my ideal career it would be ________________, because _________.
  2. If I had the choice I’d be a ___________________. People always said I had the talent for it.
  3. My family mentioned a job opening in __________________. They said it would enable me to do ________________.
  4. The main perk of my present job is ________________. It helps me recognize my goals for ________________.
  5. I always wanted to try __________________. Even though it’s just a hobby it might be lucrative someday.
  6. If I went back to school I’d study _________________, because _____________.
  7. If I had free time to cultivate a project it would be _________, because ____________.
  8. If I was trained for it, I’d pursue ___________________, because ____________.
  9. After I retire I want to have accomplished ________________, because __________.
  10. Analyze your answers and see if there is a bend toward something definite. Many of the questions may lead to a positive career goal such as floral design or creative writing. The purpose of the questionnaire is to search yourself to find out whether you are comfortable enough in your present job to stay, or restless enough to take the plunge and find something new.


Your answers will give you a sure lead to what you were meant to be. They may lead to more than one single interest, but you will know what you like and what you want others to recognize you for. Getting it down on paper gives you a chance to begin working on what you want to become, whether it is a quiet but fulfilling office job, or a fast paced hospitality job. Comparing and contrasting the possibilities will create doorways to a realistic future.