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9 Tips to Help Your Staff Beat Fatigue and Meet Deadlines

9 Tips to Help Your Staff Beat Fatigue and Meet Deadlines


Every business goes through crunch times when the company asks a lot from their employees. This could be during sales events, the Christmas season, or when a major project deadline looms. Everyone’s quality of work starts to slide as their energy wears down. Fortunately, companies can do a lot to help employees perform at their best even when they’re tired.

1. Set Clear Priorities

When there’s a lot to be done, employees may feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. Step in and help them work through what the priorities are and how to achieve them. That way they won’t waste their limited energy on less-critical objectives.

2. Work by the Windows

Many studies have linked peoples’ exposure to natural light with improved mood, alertness, and increased performance. Suggest employees work near the windows during the day. For evening hours, invest in bulbs that mimic natural light.

3. Build Flex-Time into the Schedule

A change of scenery can perk up sagging employees, boosting concentration and problem solving. If you can, pass out assignments that can be done by laptop in a nearby coffee shop. Remember to give them a clear deadline for when to come back.

4. Think on Your Feet With a Standing Desk

It may be tempting to slouch in a comfy office chair when tired, but that won’t help job performance. What will? Working while standing up. Standing desks are a growing trend among employees, so make some available.

5. Break Up Long Workdays With Technology

Taking a break when there’s a lot of work to be done may sound counterproductive, but studies have shown that people’s productivity can skyrocket if they step away from their tasks once in a while. Look for apps like BreakTimer or Pomodoro which urge employees to take a few minutes off every half hour.

6. Stretch out Creative Muscles

Even a brief session of yoga, stretching or mild aerobics can break energy-draining routines and send oxygen surging through the brain. Organize active breaks, especially toward the end of the day, when employees can move and rejuvenate.

7. Hydrate for Peak Performance

Low-level dehydration often occurs when people are so tired and overworked that they forget to drink. It saps energy, focus, and creativity. Keep employees’ brains working at their best by installing conveniently placed water coolers or passing out water bottles with hydration trackers.

8. Shoot Down Fatigue with ‘Bulletproof Coffee’

Coffee laced with salt-free butter or coconut oil is an acquired taste that may boost cognitive function. The blend of caffeine and healthy fats can act as brain food, supercharging even tired minds. Set out the oil or butter near the coffee maker for employees to experiment with.

9. Think Outside the Box With Aromatherapy

Some people swear by peppermint oil to boost alertness and engagement with tasks. First, ask around the office if anyone is allergic or sensitive to these scented oils. Then leave open bottles or diffusers near the workspaces and common areas.

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