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A Few Professional Etiquette Pointers

Here at Ad-VANCE, we pride ourselves in hiring and sending out top-quality, professional employees. A big part of being a professional is practicing basic, proper  business etiquette.  In this fast-paced era of e-mail & text messaging, phone calls & in-person meetings have become a secondary form of communication and slang has become common language. Beyond just speech, there are many professional etiquette rules that we are all guilty of not following.  Once in a while, we can all use a little reminder of what professional etiquette entails:

  • Phone Calls:  In most cases, a telephone call is your initial contact with a potential employer or client. This is your first opportunity to leave a good impression.  Before you hit the “call” button, it is always important to take a moment and think about what you’re going to say  (and how you’re going to represent yourself) when someone answers on the other end.  When someone does answer, speak clearly! It is also probably advisable not to have music blaring or dogs barking in the background.
  • E-Mail: Those abbreviations that are used in text messages are not acceptable in professional e-mail. If you’re emailing a potential employer, a fellow employee,  or a new client, remember to address that person by name,  to capitalize “I” and to omit abbreviations & slang terms such as LOL or TTYL.
  • Dress: When attending a job interview, job fair, or other professional event:  jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, flip-flops, and sneakers are NOT acceptable. While the terms business casual and professional dress are becoming harder and harder to define,  casual items such as these are usually not acceptable for an interview or to wear to an assignment. Suits, slacks, blouses, collared shirts, and close-toed shoes are always a safe bet.
  • Attitude: More and more, we see applicants walk through the door or call us with a laid-back, “I don’t care” attitude. This tells us that they are not  serious about finding or keeping  a job. If you are calling to inquire about a position, coming in to the office to seek employment, or are heading out to job – Have a pleasant attitude. We all have bad days, but the work place is not the place
    for anything other than a positive attitude. Who knows, your attitude might  just brighten someone else’s day!


Here are a few additional proper business etiquette reminders to help you be a successful employee:

  • Always knock on a closed door.
  • Ask before borrowing office supplies.
  • Remember the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. (Yes, it applies in the professional workplace just as it did in the first grade classroom.)
  • Never interrupt – Wait for a pause before jumping into a conversation.
  • Don’t be on your phone or access social media at work.
  • Always introduce yourself with a proper handshake.
  • Don’t be late! Tardiness is never professional … Be on time.