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Ad-VANCE Gets 100 Pass Score on RSC Audit

Ad-VANCE is excited to announce that we just cleared our RSC (Risk Control Services) audit with a 100% passing score!! A 100% pass score is almost unheard of from RSC. Here at Ad-VANCE, we pride ourselves on our commitment to workplace safety and continued training for employees & client partnerships. It is because of our high standards that we have a continuous effort to ensure that all employees and clients are kept up to date with safety standards & procedures, and it is because of these high standards that we came out with a 100% pass rate and are able to keep our costs competetive.

If you are an Ad-VANCE employee or client and have ANY questions about worker’s compensation, unemployment, employee injuries, etc. … Call any Ad-VANCE coordinator today! We are all trained & here to ensure a solid relationship and understanding for all employees & clients!