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Avoid Employment Gaps: Temp Job Solutions


Hate settling for “just any job”?


Employee happiness is important to the success of the business as a whole, so settling for “just any job” might not result in workplace satisfaction.


So what does one do when waiting for the “right” position to come along?
Is there a way where you can build your current skill sets, brush up on others, as well as getting paid? YES! Temporary employment.


Obtaining short-term employment for a company within your field that typically offers part or full time positions sounds great in theory, however, it puts both the employee and employer in a tough spot. It’s not common to be asking an employer to give you a temporary position, leaving them with doubling the hiring process or having to go through it all over again.


Should you consider temporary employment? Whether or not you are in your field, there are a few cases where taking an in-between job could be the right career move.


Sometimes the job in “your” field will take a while to find, but the bills still need to be paid and expenses need to be managed. This is why temporary employment could be the solution to keeping your resume and your wallet full, without settling or investing too much time. Even out of your field, temp jobs can last anywhere from 1-12 months and give you the extra cash and experience, AND time, needed.


There seems to come a time, even if it’s not waiting for “the perfect job” to come along, where the thought of having a temporary job would fit the bill perfectly. Whether it’s due to moving to a new city, going off to or coming home from college, or taking off for a trip across another country- using a staffing agency that recruits for temporary jobs is an excellent place to start your search.