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Debunking Business Owner Misconceptions About HR Function in the Workplace

HR in the workplace


Employees may be familiar with the Human Resources department in the workplace, but some business owners don’t see the importance of implementing their own HR department for the benefit of their employees and themselves. To get a better idea of why HR departments are invaluable to your employees and your business, it is best to get some of the most prevailing misconceptions out of the way first.

Misconception: The operating costs of an HR department are too expensive.

Fact: Even though it is difficult to judge just how much it costs to have a fully operational HR department in a business because there are so many variables, whatever costs are put into HR are going to yield your business financial gains in the long run. A good HR department will use methods to keep costs in check for your company, such as employee wage analysis. Plus. you can rely on an HR department to cut the usual costs associated with staffing because you will have staff that is trained in hiring qualified individuals who are looking for Bradenton jobs and are more likely to stick around for the long term.

Misconception: There’s no reason to have an HR department as a small business owner.

Fact: Whether your business has only 50 employees or 500, an HR department is a valuable asset to have. In fact, in small business settings HR is incredibly valuable because the program will allow you to keep greater tabs on employee satisfaction. It could completely hinder business operations if just a few employees are having issues within a small business setting and there is no HR department to handle employee relations.

Misconception: As long as you maintain positive relations with employees HR is not necessary.

Fact: It is always great if you can manage to maintain a good relationship and always have positive interactions with your employees, but this can also be a difficult feat to handle on your own–especially if you have several employees. Lack of communication and individual attention can lead to you being misrepresented to your employees or even leaving them with a negative impression of the company. HR departments work to bridge the gap between you and your employees by handling things like:

  • employee conflicts and concerns
  • employee harassment claims
  • new-employee training and education
  • employee recognition programs
  • keeping employees educated about policy or employment changes

When you look at the facts about human resources in the workplace, it is easy to see why businesses both large and small should have an HR department which is fully functional If you would like to know more about human resources in general or you are looking for qualified HR employees, contact us at Ad-Vance Talent Solutions.