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Career Tips For New Grads

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2014 Job Outlook Survey estimated that this year employers would hire 8% more new college grads than last year.  With 1.6 million people flooding the job market with Bachelor’s degrees this year, this is great news!

New grads need to know two things:

  • You may not make six figures or start at the top right out of the gate.  For many people, their first job right out of college serves as a springboard, a valuable training ground.   Don’t agonize over your first job—it will not make or break your career.  Do your best, learn all you can, and build your contacts.  If you decide to re-chart your course after being in the position for a year or two, know that it’s completely normal and acceptable.
  • Network, network, and did I mention network?  It took me years after graduating from college to understand how much depends on who you know.  For you at this point in your career, every connection matters.  Mingle strategy with an open mind —and who knows where you may land!

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