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Interview tips for Women over 45

job interview tips for woman over 45


As today’s job hunters know, getting a face-to-face interview can sometimes feel like an accomplishment in itself. It probably means you’ve aced through numerous e-mail and phone screenings, and are in a terrific position to sell your skills and experience to a new employer.


But you’re not home free. Career experts say midlife ...

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Avoid Employment Gaps: Temp Job Solutions


Hate settling for “just any job”?


Employee happiness is important to the success of the business as a whole, so settling for “just any job” might not result in workplace satisfaction.


So what does one do when waiting for the “right” position to come along?
Is there a way where you can build your current skill sets, brush up on others, as well as ...

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How to Know What Your Boss Thinks of You



For an idea of how your boss might rate your performance, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you collapse under pressure or remain calm?
  • Are you a clock watcher or do you put in the necessary amount of time to do a job well?
  • How much interest do you show in learning and taking on new responsibilities?
  • What do you do to make ...
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4 Tips for Remembering Names

    Say it. As soon as you meet someone, say their name to encourage it to stick in your mind.  Try saying their name three times over the course of your conversation.  People like hearing their name and will like you more if they know you know their name–and you’ll like imprinting  their name in your mind so that you can easily call it up when ...

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    6 Statements That Have No Place in the Workplace

    1. “It’s not my job.”If your boss asks you to complete a task, then guess what?  It’s just become your job!  If you don’t know how to do what’s being assigned, share that you’re not an expert on the task, but you’ll happily seek out whatever resources may be needed to get the job done.
    2. “This position is only a stepping stone.” It very well may be, but you ...
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    4 Secrets to Career Advancement


    • Don’t focus solely on your job—think about your career! And the best time to work on your career is when you’re happily and gainfully employed.  If you practice perpetual career management, you’ll position yourself for salary increases and promotions and never worry about layoffs or job security because you’ll have so many coals in the fire through consistent networking and professional development.


    • The best self-marketer (often) gets the ...
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    4 Ways to Stop Sweating the Small Stuff at Work

    You must prioritize to be successful at work.  When you drop the following things from your to-do list, you’ll stop wasting precious time and energy and become more effective where it counts.

    1)     After you suggest a new time- or money-saving measure to your supervisor and your supervisor expresses a preference for the current method or system, drop it.  Pushing further could cause you to be perceived as an aggressive know-it-all by the person who’s doing your performance evaluations and you don’t want that.

    2)     Unless ...

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    New in a Management Role?; A Primer for First-Time Supervisors

    • You can’t be friends with everyone. This is one of the hardest aspects of being a manager for people moving out of the rank and file.  They tend to feel like traitors to their peers.  You don’t need to stop being friendly and sociable.  You do need to enforce policies and discipline employees whenever necessary.
    • Delegate, delegate, delegate. Of course, there are many things only you can do, but empower your team ...
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