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Interview Questions You Should Ask

I find that one of the simplest ways to improve interviewing performance is through asking good questions:  Here are some of my favorites.

  • What’s the biggest change your group has gone through in the last year?
  • One year from now, if I get the job, what will earn me a “gold star”? What are the key accomplishments you’d like to see in this role over the next year?
  • What’s your (or my future boss’) leadership style?
  • About which competitor are ...
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The Power of the Leadership Gesture

I’m always so motivated by the leader who makes the special gesture.  I’m not talking about the grand monetary gift to employees or the motivating speech, but the simple, genuine, consideration of care for those who work alongside them.  During this time of year we all scramble trying to calculate bonuses, gifts for staff, or clients in some attempt to make summarize the year into a moment.

But in all of the giving, I’m still fascinated ...

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