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10 Essential Verbs to Use in Your CV

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What is one of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make on their CV? It’s not about your experience or education. Too many people don’t use the right action-oriented verbs to signal to potential employers what a dynamic candidate they are.

Ten Must-have Verbs for an Attention Grabbing CV:


Management covers more than just interpersonal interactions. It ...

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7 Tips For Using Twitter for Your Job Search

  1. If you’re just starting an account, the profile name should be your name or something professional
  2. Link your profile to your LinkedIn profile or other websites you have (you can start your own website to post your resume on for free at sites like
  3. Follow people in your field, those you admire, corporate and third party recruiters, hiring managers, and companies that might be interested in you and your work.
  4. Retweet or favorite posts.  This complements those who tweeted and is a ...
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10 Cardinal Sins of Cover Letter Writing

  1. Applying for a job when you don’t meet the job requirements. If a job is a good fit, you’ll be able to easily articulate how you’re qualified in the cover letter.
  2. “Dear Hiring Manager….” Yes, there are times when—even after serious sleuthing —you’re unable to locate the name of the person making the hiring decision.  Search  LinkedIn, Google and Facebook…do everything in your power to find out the name of a real person (make sure to spell it and get ...
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Is 80 the New Retirement?

Experts suggest that the aging of our population is one of our most pressing social issues, registering right on up there in importance with our dwindling oil and water resources.  The European Union declared 2012 the Year of “Active Aging and Intergenerational Solidarity”—but, if anything, the challenges may be even more extreme on this side of the pond.

The National Journal concurs, suggesting that the biggest ...

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