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Makeover Your Job Search in One Week

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Maybe you’ll leapfrog into a position that adds another figure to your salary and maybe not, but by overhauling your professional image in the following ways, you’ll surely position yourself for greater things.

Get word-savvy.  What are the buzzwords in your industry?  Pepper your social media profiles and resume with them and recruiters will be more likely to find you. Don’t know what the buzzwords are?  Review the profiles of successful people in similar positions as you.  (Note: buzzwords are never to be confused with meaningless filler like “team player” and “professional”)

Work your network for a friend.  Not only will it feel good to help someone you care about, but it will empower you thinking about the value in your network, it will give you an excuse to reconnect with your contacts, and your friend will likely put his or her network to work for you in return.

Audit the value you bring to your workplace.  List then break down what you do into categories of expertise.  This will help you better articulate your skills both across channels and in networking and interviewing.

Request props.  Reach out to formers colleagues and supervisors and ask for a testimonial.  It helps immensely if you remind them of your achievements when you worked together.

Tend to your online garden.  Have you participated in any online conversations recently?  Cleaned up anything that might be distracting to an employer? Seeded the internet with what you DO what employers and recruiters to find?  Search for yourself in every way possible using multiple browsers then get to work tending your professional garden.

Study.  Nothing can take the place of getting to know your dream company, the backgrounds of its top players, and an understanding of the company’s competitors, services/products, challenges, and opportunities.  The best way to assure you’re thought of as one of the top candidates for a position is by being knowledgeable and passionate about that company.

Show that you’re growing.  Courses, conferences, and certifications show employers and recruiters that you’re someone who is committed to being on the cutting edge.  Your expanded knowledge and networking base will be well worth the money.