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Communication: The Key to Success!

One of the many benefits of what we do every day here at Ad-VANCE is getting to observe and experience the relationships between employees and managers/HR staff in numerous industries … And in every company, there is one factor that consistenly leads to employee satisfaction & success. That factor is communication! Every organization has company-wide values and goals, and employees can only be expected to meet expectations if those values and goals are clearly & regularly communicated throughout the entire organization. In today’s society, the lines of communication are ever-evolving. While professional settings used to rely solely on face-to-face communication, employers and employees must now be able to communicate effectively over the phone, in an e-mail, in a video chat, in text messages… and the list continues to expand. As new lines of communication continue to become essential to organizational functionality, employers must ensure that all employees, most importantly managers & HR staff, are well-equipped to communicate across multiple lines.

We’ve all heard the age-old saying that “the key to a successful relationship is communication.” Well,  this is true in any relationship: marriage, families, employee/employee, staffing company/client and especially employer/employee. Have you ever had a job and realized after beginning employment that there were benefits available to you which you had no idea about? Or have you ever been in a position at work when you weren’t sure exactly what was expected of you? Employers: Have you ever had to break bad news to an employee that change has already happened (demotion, reduction of benefits, lay-off, etc.,) and you waited to break the news, causing an employee to become upset? These are all classic cases of a lack of communication between employer and employee, and they ultimately affect employee satisfaction and organizational success!

At Ad-VANCE we strive to keep open and consistent communication with our clients and employees. We’ve found that successful staffing starts with client communication and our employees’ continued success relies on consistent communication. It any industry, communication is vital to the success of every employee and the organization as a whole. Change is inevitable, but it is often a good thing. Many people have a tough time accepting change, but it is best handled if clear communication is involved. Employers: Remember to keep an open line of communication with employees; Let them know that there is always someone they can approach with any issue they have (and indicate who that person is); Ensure that organizational goals and values are clearly communicated always, to all employees, from the moment they are on-boarded; Remember that blindsiding employees with changes will inevitably produce a more negative outcome then communicating with them throughout the change process. Employees: Remember that communication is a two-way street, and employers appreciate open communication in return.

In any given situation, just remember: Communication IS the key to success!