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Considering Relocation for a New Job? Ask Yourself These Questions First

Considering Relocation for a New Job? Ask Yourself These Questions First


A new job in a new location is actually one of the top five reasons people move at all, but moving for a new job is not a decision to be taken lightly. For some, changing the scenery and accepting a new position in a different city or state is no problem, but for others, moving for a job can be a life-changing decision. If you are considering relocating to land that ideal position or better your career, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to determine if this is the right decision for your own personal circumstances.

Will the change in the cost of living be worth moving for a new job?

The cost of living can change dramatically from one zip code to the next. Therefore, if you are tempted to take a new position in a new town because the salary seems substantially higher than what you can find in your own town, it is wise to make sure the upped pay is not simply relative to higher costs of living. There are a ton of online resources you can use to get familiar with living costs in a certain area, such as the usual costs of food, gas, and real estate.

How will this move affect your family members?

If you live alone, moving for a job position is normally not a big deal unless you have aging relatives that need you nearby or some other commitment or priority. However, when you have a family, a change in location can be a big deal. If you move to a new city for a job, you will need to make sure that your significant other is on board with the change and can also find work. If you have children, it will be important to research the schools in the area of the new job and make sure they are okay with making the transition.

Will the new job opportunity mean advancement possibilities in the long term?

Moving to a new location for a job position should include heavy consideration about how the career will pan out in the long run. If the position you are considering is one that is only temporary or one that will never leave you with growth possibilities, the transition to a new city may no be worth the hassle. It is easier to know what to expect if you are relocating within the same company, but if you are making a major employment change with a new employer in a new city, it is best to do a fair amount of investigating to determine if career enhancement down the road will be possible.

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