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Create an Awesome Cover Letter and get Noticed with These 3 Easy Tips

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If you are like a lot of job hunters, a request for a resume will mean you submit simply that. However, if you truly want to make a good impression, there is one other thing which should be included with your resume submission: A cover letter. Here are a few simple tips to creating a noteworthy cover letter which is bound to get you recognized as a job candidate.

Forget the cover letter templates.

You can find templates for just about any type of cover letter you want, whether you are crafting one for a position in the medical field, teaching, or otherwise. However, it is always best to leave the templates alone and construct your own unique cover letter. Filling in a template can make your cover letter look forced and generic, and that is definitely not what you want. Take a few minutes to conduct research on the industry for which you are applying and the company, and try to tie in facts with what you say in the body of your letter. For example, if you are applying for a position as a human resources representative in a corporate setting, find recent news about the company or field and pertain it to something about you personally.

Allow your passion and personality to show.

The biggest mistake you can make with a cover letter is to create a wry, dry piece that is overly formal and does not give the reader any indication of your passion or personality. Don’t just say you have an interest in the position you are applying for, for example, explain what it is about who you are that makes you interested in the field. Recruiters are more likely to remember your cover letter if it has a personalized touch and passionate tone that shows your interest in the position.

Don’t forget to proof and edit your cover letter.

Even slight typos and mistakes in tone or wording can give the reader of your cover letter the wrong impression. You should carefully read over it several times once you feel it is complete, even out loud, to ensure your message is clear. Have unbiased friends or acquaintances take a look at the piece and allow them to give you honest feedback about where you could improve or if you sound like you would be an ideal candidate for the position.

The cover letter you include with your resume could be the one component that helps you land the position over another candidate. For more information about constructing the perfect cover letter, contact Ad-Vance Talent Solutions for advice.