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Emojis for Businesses? How to Capitalize on this Hot Recruitment Trend

Emojis for businesses? How to capitalize on this hot recruitment trend


Take a page from the Selfie Generation and use emojis to attract talent to your company. These colorful little pics and gifs can add a lot of personality to your recruitment ad. Master the use of these images and your company will stand out in a sea of plain text and draw in the best talent of the new generation of workers. So what are the best ways to use emojis effectively? Here are five winning strategies:

Break up a wall of text with the right emojis.

Keep candidates’ interest and make your message clear with a well-placed emoji. You can use them to break up sections, for instance to separate a description of the company from the job listing itself. Emojis can also be used to illustrate or emphasize skills that are needed for the position. Finally, end your message on the right note with a friendly or personalized emoji. 👋😀

Bring the right message to the marketplace.

As emoji use is becoming more common in workplaces around the world, some companies have gone as far as hiring an ’emoji translator.’ While you may not want to go this far, you should doublecheck that your emoji is culturally sensitive and appropriate for the intended audience. It’s worth a moment’s research to make sure an emoji doesn’t mean something inappropriate. For instance, the 👍 indicates positivity and agreement in Western cultures, but in Middle Eastern society it may be offensive.

Emojis let you say a lot with just one character.

You can also use emojis as a way of writing shorthand. Many modern job platforms such as Twitter have a character limit that makes it tricky to get your message across. With emojis, you can communicate concepts in as little as one character. You can also use emojis to record personal observations about a candidate during interviews, sharing them with other members of the hiring team.

Attract up and coming talent.

The generation currently entering the job market grew up using emojis on their smartphones for everything from class assignments to organizing outings with their friends. These job seekers are comfortable with these visual shorthand symbols and may associate that positive emotion with your company. Candidates like these also tend to breeze past traditional plain text job listings. Instead, they’ll choose recruitment campaigns that have added visual interest through images and emojis.

Showcase your workplace culture and attitude.

Companies don’t just offer a paycheck; they also are advertising the experience of working there. Is the business creative, playful, warm and supportive, or high-achieving? You can express that through emojis, thereby attracting candidates with the right attitude to fit your business. For instance, if your company offers flextime or on-site daycare, you can advertise that through the right sequence of emojis.

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