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Employment Attributes That Create the Most Satisfied Employees

Employment Attributes That Create the Most Satisfied Employees


Most companies and corporations know that employees who are satisfied in their position will always outperform those who are not. But, what is it that truly makes an employee the most satisfied with their Sarasota job? To get the most from your employees, it is best to get to know the attributes you can work to possess which will generate ultimate employee satisfaction.

Be transparent with your employees about the company, workplace, and goals.

As odd as it may sound, the number one attribute a company can possess that keeps employees satisfied is transparency. One survey conducted by TinyPulse shows that employees are happier with their position when the company they work for is open and honest. Make sure you keep your employees in the loop about how the business is faring financially or in sales, upcoming changes to expect, and even your intentions in various levels of business progression.

Show your value of employees beyond monetary recognition.

Paid days off, extra vacation hours, bonuses, and even raises in wages are all excellent forms of rewarding your employees. However, truly showing your employees how much they are valued should go far beyond just monetary rewards. In fact, it is better to have programs in place that offer the best of both worlds to all of your employees. A few ways to make your workers feel valued beyond monetary recognition include:

  • Offer free healthy-employee programs
  • Be mindful of employees’ work-life balance
  • Encourage advancement within the business
  • Maintain open-door communication policies

Make employees feel important in their position.

Employees who feel like they are part of a greater good for the company will be much more likely to perform well in their position. In any business setting, it takes employees at every level to ultimately accomplish goals. If one link in the chain is weak, everyone does suffer. Work hard to let every employee know that their work in the company is valued, from the basic salespeople at the bottom line to those higher up in management or supervisory positions. Likewise, you should be open to input from your employees as this can not only bring about positive changes in the workplace, but also help your employees feel their opinions are valuable.

Taking strides to ensure your employees are happy with you as their employer will only benefit you as a professional and your business growth over time. If you would like to know more about achieving the task of creating the most satisfied employees possible, contact Ad-Vance Talent Solutions for advice.