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Feeling Hangry? Bust the Midday Drag at Work with These Brain-Boosting Snacks

Feeling Hangry? Bust the Midday Drag at Work with These Brain-Boosting Snacks


As working adults, we spend much of our lives rushing between one task and the next, lucky to grab those three meals a day required. Yet, even with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our hectic schedules can leave our brains in a drag somewhere between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Being hangry means feeling agitated because you’re hungry, and there’s no way this reaction to hunger provides your brain with the ability to function at its best. Plus, that annoying co-worker may start to wear on your nerves more than usual and your boss’s requests may start to seem like too much. Here are four brain-boosting snacks you need for those midday “hangry” moods so you can get back to work.

Have a handful of nuts and some fruit.

Almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts–all of these are perfect examples of protein-packed superfoods to give your energy a boost if you hit a slump in the middle of the day. Nuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids as well. Grab a handful of nuts and pair the treat with an orange, banana, or a nice apple for an extra boost of natural sugar and carbs.

Munch on hard-boiled eggs.

Hard-boiled eggs are often disregarded, but these are an excellent treat to kick those workday drags away. Eggs are rich in protein and are super filling, so if breakfast was way too light or lunch leaves your brain in a fog and your belly growling a few hours later, a few boiled egg whites or one whole egg could be enough to perk you up and keep you moving.

Slip in a cup of healthy yogurt.

Yogurt is a go-to choice for a quick snack for those eating healthy, but when you stick with the low-sugar, low-calorie yogurt, like Greek or Icelandic, you get a good dose of protein and carbs to elevate your energy a bit. Add toppings like a bit of almond butter or a sprinkling of nuts for added healthy fats and a more fulfilling treat.

Have some whole wheat crackers and cheese.

Crackers are a carb, but in their whole wheat form, they are also a good healthy boost of carbs and quite filling because they offer a boost of glucose when they break down. Slip in a little wedge of cheese or a few cheese cubes with this snack for a protein-packed treat to satisfy your hunger pangs and get you back in the groove until the end of the day.