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Getting ready for that interview?


Getting ready for that interview? Here are several things to keep in mind.

Studies have shown that most interviewers make up their mind within the first four minutes (or less) of the interview. Much of their decision will be based on non-verbal signals they pick up from you.

So how do you make the most of those first four minutes? Here are several things to remember.

The person doing your interview will already have some information about you, whether it is from a resume that you sent in, or simply because you answered their ad.

If you are working with the staffing agency in your area, they will have already laid the groundwork to find the best match for you and a prospective employer. This is a decided plus for you!

So basically, your interviewer will be looking for two things: one to see whether you show competency in your particular field and number two whether you can fit in with existing employees.

“I want someone that wants to learn and is open to being coached and mentored. Those are qualities that I cannot teach. I can teach other attributes of the job, but I won’t tolerate a bad attitude or a bad apple on the team” says one interviewer.

So here are some simple things to remember.

  1. If you are doing a phone interview, still take the time to dress as you would in the work setting. Whether we realize it or not, how we are dressed sends a subliminal message to the mind and definitely affects our behavior.
  2. Be sure to smile as you talk on the phone. Smiling automatically changes your voice tone.
  3. Interviewers want you to be genuine. Be honest about the areas that fit your skill set. Never try to pretend that you have experience when you don’t. That lack of experience will show as you continue the conversation.

This is the time when it truly benefits you to be yourself. The person you’re talking with is curious about you, just as you are curious about them. What you both are looking for is a good fit and when that happens it benefits you both! Trying to fit into an environment that doesn’t match your personality is a drain on your energy and a waste of time.

Hopefully some of the things in this article will help to take the stress out of the interview process. And so the bottom line is be yourself!

Also, keep in mind that the folks in Ad-vance Staffing agency are ready to work with you anytime you need them.

Cynthia Becker
Life Coach/Wellness Coach
NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer
Professional Psychic