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Guess Who Turned 100 Years Old This Year!


The Workmen’s Compensation act is exactly 100 years old as of March, 2023.

For the first time in United States history employees had access to benefits that help them recover from work related injuries or illness. This law helped protect people who became injured or disabled while working at their jobs.

Another reason workers compensation was developed was to allow injured employees to be compensated without the need for litigation.

Most people don’t realize that it has four main objectives: replacement of income, rehabilitation, accident prevention and cost allocation. This compensation can also apply to dependent relatives of the deceased workmen.

Who Pays for Workman’s comp?

Most states require businesses to carry workers compensation for the employees. And if you are an employer it is often in your best interest to provide some Worker’s Compensation coverage. When an employee is injured on the job an employer could be held liable for expenses associated with medical treatment ongoing therapy lost wages

However, there are worker categories that are exempt from carrying Workmen’s Compensation such as agricultural workers, real estate agents, independent contractors, and members of LLCs (limited liability companies).

Gig Work Phenomena

Since the pandemic, many workers have chosen not to go back to their old positions. Tired of long commutes, and having to conform to traditional work schedules, many workers have chosen to go out on their own. This has given rise to the phenomena of “gig work”.

While it has its pluses, the major drawback of “gig words” is that there are no benefits provided for workers. Since most employers provide some type of benefits, the loss of these benefits can cause considerable hardship.

New Help for Gig Workers

If you are contemplating doing “gig work”, or are already part of the new trend, you may want to look for companies like Gig Worker Solutions that are designed to fill the ‘benefits’ gap. They provide workman’s comp as well as a host of other benefits for the gig worker, and having the benefit of Workmen’s Compensation at an affordable price is definitely something that provides peace of mind.

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