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How to Focus


We are constantly being bombarded by social media, TV commercials and the distractions of everyday life. Paying the bills, responding to emails, notifications from Facebook, all seem like they are necessary tasks. But many times they don’t do much to move us forward in our business lives.

What follows is a quick and simple procedure to help us move through the confusion of the day before it starts. There will also be a question to ask ourselves that can eliminate indecision and procrastination.

At the beginning of each day, we should take a look at the big picture and decide what our priorities will be for our career life and what the priorities will be for our personal lives as well. What is it that has to happen to move our business life forward? What is it that has to happen to move our personal life forward?

How to Stay Focused

Choose three things in each area. And as you look at those three things, which is the most important? Just taking a little bit of time to identify these things helps us to look at what our priorities are for the day. When we know what these priorities are, it helps us to stay focused on accomplishing those things that will benefit our personal and professional lives the most. While this procedure has been promoted mainly for business and career development, it’s equally valuable where our personal lives are concerned.

The more you use this procedure, the faster it will get. You may have to force yourself to follow through at the beginning. But over time, what initially took 15 or 20 minutes can be done in a much shorter time. And this time can become the most useful time of your day.

A Useful Question

After going through this procedure, when deciding what to do next, the question you ask yourself is, “Will this move me any closer to my goal for today?”. And of course, if the answer is “no”, you do whatever it is that will move you closer.

As you read through this process, if it feels like something that you can do, commit to doing it for two weeks. Then notice how your life has improved.

Cynthia Becker
Life Coach/Wellness Coach
NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer
Professional Psychic