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How to Make a Resume Stand Out – 3 Insider Secrets

how to make a resume stand out


You go through the trouble of creating your resume, but if yours is among hundreds of others, it could end up being skimmed over and pushed aside by a potential employer. The fact is, the job market can be pretty competitive, and, chances are, your resume could easily be just one in a huge stack. This means whoever is scanning the stack may just spend a few seconds on each resume before deciding whether it is worthy of a closer look or not. If you want to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd, there are a few insider tips that can help you out.

1. Cover letters are important.

Unless the company for which you are applying specifically states they don’t want you to include a cover letter with your resume, you should include one. A cover letter essentially sums up your information in a single introduction on the very first page a resume scanner will see. Therefore, it is much more likely that whoever reads your resume will get the gist of who you are and what you have to offer if everything they need to see is right there.

2. Employers are looking for keywords in your resume.

When an employer is looking over resumes, they will be scanning for specific terms and phrases that relate to the position for which they are hiring. For example, if a retailer is looking for a marketing manager, they will be scanning over resumes in search of terms like “marketing” and “sales strategies.” Taking time to consider this fact will help you to ensure your resume has the terms it will take to get noticed.

3. Resumes must be easy to scan.

If a resume shows up in a stack and the reviewer sees just a large block of text, it is highly unlikely they will read through everything simply because they don’t have the time. Make sure your resume is easy to read by making it scannable. Break up large chunks of text into small paragraphs of just a few sentences. Utilize bullet points and numbered lists where you can, such as in sections listing your skill set.

Making your resume stand out from the rest is the key to getting noticed by a potential employer. For more insider information on building an adequate resume, contact us at Ad-Vance Talent Solutions.