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Four Tips To Maximize LinkedIn for Your Job Search

Complete your profile. LinkedIn takes the guesswork out of this and makes suggestions on how to make your profile more complete.

Get a custom URL. Which is easier to share… www.linkedin.com/in/jennadelorey/ or www.linkedin.com/pub/jenna-delorey/29/601/392?  You might want to share your URL on your resume or in your email signature in which case you probably want it as compact and easy to remember–and type–as possible.

Post a professional profile photo.  Keep in mind that your profile photo should convey your brand.  You’re many wonderful things–and you’re also your own brand, unique in all the world. If you need a clue to riff off of (or you’re going into the corporate sphere where there’s a culture you need to cohere to), you may want to seek out the profiles of those in your dream position or at your dream company.  How are they dressed?  What type of photo do they have? 

A powerful headline. Your headline doesn’t need to be your title (especially if you’re open to a job change).  It can be your unique value proposition: what do you uniquely have to offer?