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Interview Prep – What Do You Think???

Ad-VANCE Talent Solutions is proud to have recently partnered with Keiser University in Sarasota to help prepare graduating students for real-life interview situations. Keiser University offers a wide variety of programs in a wide range of fields, from Certificates to Doctorate programs. At Ad-VANCE, we always coach job seekers to dress professionally, have multiuple copies of their resume and references, and be prepared for anything. Among some of the standard interview questions that we suggest job seekers be prepared for are the expected “Tell Me About Yourself” , “Why do you believe you’re the best fit for the job?” and “What are your strengths & weaknesses?”

Beyond these questions that can be expected in most interview settings, what other questions do you all suggest we incorporate into our interview prep? Have you ever had a situation where you were caught off guard by an interview question? Have you ever had a situation where you just couldn’t find the right answer? What did you do? … Let us know what you think!