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Is Your Local Government Prepared for the Shift?

A tidal wave of retirement is coming and with it will go decades of knowledge.  Over the next five to ten years a potential 35% of local government workers are set to retire.  This is because–although many boomers delayed retirement following the economic downturn starting in 2008–their retirement grows inevitable as economic conditions improve.   Do you know how YOUR local government is preparing?

Governments set to weather this sea change the best are the ones who are preparing NOW!   Topmost among preparations is a plan for affordably recruiting top talent.

This is not only due to the sheer volume of the work force that will need to be replaced, but also because governments will soon be hiring predominantly Millenials who will average 2-4 years in the posts they’re hired for before moving on to advance their career goals.  Taken with the fact that candidates in this generation will not have decades of experience, you can begin to see the need for robust recruiting if we, as a society, intend to keep the high level of government services we expect.   On the upside, governments can look forward to Millenials bringing innovative ideas, big picture thinking with a focus on the local–and tremendously high value if hired, trained, and leveraged effectively.

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