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Leveraging LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn



LinkedIn is a powerful way to leverage your network to help in your job search. For job-seekers, there are plenty of features and powerful tools available to help you make connections, research companies and find job postings. Here are some tips and tricks:


1. Rethink your headline

Recruiters who use LinkedIn to search for candidates and have to pore through hundreds of results. The default headline is your current job title and current employer which, let’s face it, is pretty boring. Your headline is the first thing those recruiters and others will see. Be sure that your profile heading is a compelling, accurate and intriguing snapshot of who you are and what you can offer to an organization. You want to add keywords that will drive search results and make your profile worth reading further.


2. Grammar and spelling matter

This may be obvious, but you want to be sure that your LinkedIn profile, like your resume and cover letters, are clean and correct. Copy the whole profile into a word processing document and run a spelling and grammar check each time you make an update. Also be careful with the acronyms. Too many can make your profile seem like alphabet soup.


3. Leverage all the space

The LinkedIn profile has many sections that let you share who you are and what you’ve done. Take advantage of the space to include descriptions of what you have done in each of your roles. You can also add media related to each of your positions, projects worked on, and honors and awards you’ve received. The education section lets you add each of your institutions, but also degrees earned, courses taken, and even activities and societies you participated in.


You can also add detailed information about volunteer roles you’ve had, volunteer opportunities you’d be interested in, and the causes that matter to you. You can also add specific skills, you have and ask for recommendations from former co-workers. All of these items are searchable by recruiters!


4. Grow your network

You never know who might have a connection to a job. Do a search for the companies you’ve worked at, the organizations you’ve volunteered with, and people you may know from social situations. Connecting with them brings you one step closer to every single person in each of their networks.


5. Use the job search functions

LinkedIn has a powerful job search function;. You can filter by keyword, company, job title, location, date posted, job function, industry and experience level. Once you’ve set the filters you want, you can save up to 10 searches and receive email alerts daily, weekly or monthly. If you sign up for the LinkedIn Premium service, you unlock even more features, including salary level.


6. Join groups

Groups are available for certain organizations, industries, job titles, schools and locations. These groups are great ways to find new connections and explore discussions pertinent to the group.


LinkedIn is a free service that lets you connect with millions or other people, companies and jobs. Using these tips will accelerate your job search and help you land that next job.