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Not Copy and Pasting Yourself into an Interview

InterviewpicAdmit it- how many times were you or a friend stressing about an upcoming interview and the pep-talk given went along the lines of, “Just be yourself and smile!” Well, as cheesy as it sounds, it’s true.


So long are the days of systematic and repetitive interview answers. Interviews have evolved into a quick network marketing opportunity, and a key factor is offering what you can do for them. Interviews are like a personal advertisement for yourself, so don’t get it twisted thinking you have to twist yourself to fit the description perfectly!


Forget coming prepared with a list of copy and pasted answers you think the recruiter or interviewer will want to hear, and certainly don’t be daunted by the question “What can you do for the company?” Instead of having the thought that you need to fill these certain shoes, just wear your own. If you’re comfortable in the interview by being yourself, it shows your best qualities.


Speak up and offer how you can be an asset to the company and genuinely talk about what you can do as a part of the team. These employers are looking for a new teammate, and each candidate has their own personality, traits, and skills that they can bring to the company.


At the end of the interview, both you and the interviewer can be more certain about the placement. The person sitting in the chair is trying to fill a position that will add to their company and make it flourish, so if you think you can do that as a future employee, then say so! Who knows- they might even find a different position for you within the company!