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Why Now is the Time to Innovate Your Career

Why Now is the Time to Innovate Your Career


Innovation is a big word in the employment world. You hear it so often that it may seem like a buzzword, but it’s more than that. The job market is constantly changing and the workforce needs to learn new skills and adapt with the times. Instead of reeling when life throws you a curve ball, adapt and knock your career out of the park.

Important Questions

Don’t think that your current job is one that you need to stick with for the rest of your life. Where do you want to be in one, five, and ten years? Are you on the right path for those goals? Do you want a new role in the field you’re in, or want to try something completely new and different? In all of these cases, you need to innovate your career.

Five Steps to Career Innovation

Step One

Take a long, hard look at where you are in life, what you want, and what skills you bring to the table. Try to find a mentor in your dream industry, or ask people what they’d advise you to focus on. Do your research carefully. Remember to factor into your plan the time and expense of educating yourself on any new skills.

Step Two

Start innovating now. You can begin small, for instance taking on one new challenge each day. Even fifteen minutes a day of industry research, networking, or learning a skill can add up over time. Break down big goals into achievable steps and mark them as they’re completed so you can see how far you’ve come.

Step Three

Innovators walk away from the career ladder. They understand that the promotion may not come and the company role they trained for may fall through, and they have the flexibility to roll with these punches. Have backup plans in mind at all times and don’t be afraid to take a risk if your instincts tell you it will pay off.

Step Four

Look at the big picture. Don’t settle for an unfulfilling career; these can be a stepping stone to your employment future but aren’t the destination. Try to take the talents you enjoy and incorporate them into your work. For instance, if you’re an amateur photographer you can help create your company’s newsletter. This will make your job more enjoyable and showcase your wide range of talents to your employers and any talent hunters who are watching.

Step Five

Redefine success. Maybe years ago, your idea of success was to hold a specific job title or get a certain paycheck. As you and your career have grown, you may now have a very different idea of success. For instance, it might be seeing the difference you’ve made in a client’s life or holding the prototype of a product you’ve worked hard to design. By shifting your goals for success, you may one day wake up and realize that they’re close at hand. This can help you feel more satisfied with your career and life.

Revitalize Your Career

It can be a tough job market, so you’ll need all the tools available to innovate into the career of your dreams. That’s where a job placement agency can help you. Ad-VANCE Talent Solutions has worked to match job-seekers with employers all around the Gulf for twenty years. Are you ready to shift into the career of a lifetime? Contact us today to get started.