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Recruiter Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Recruiter Social Media Do’s and Don'ts


Every job seeker knows that his social media presence is a vital part of the employment search. Many recruiters don’t realize this rule applies to them as well. Just as you will likely Google a candidate’s name, there is a good chance they will do the same to you and your company. This is why it’s so important to always put your best foot forward. Read our tips to find out how.


Keep your social media posts positive, professional, and aspirational. An upbeat and well-maintained online presence will show your company in a great light.


Keep your content relevant and insightful. Job hunters are tired of reading the same stale article, lightly rewritten, across multiple websites or blogs. If you have original content, your business will immediately stand out as professional and serious. You can bulk up your credibility by including quotes, facts, and data with your posts. Remember to credit the sources you use.


Keep your branding consistent across all social media platforms. Have the same profile pic and company logo on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sites. Some social media like Twitter tends to be more laid-back, but remember to strike a balance between fun and professional. While you’re at it, adjust your settings so you are in control of what photos are posted on your company’s page.


The comments section is a great way to reach out to potential job applicants and clients alike. Here, you can answer questions, address concerns, and add a personal touch.


Don’t abandon your dignity when things get heated. It’s better to walk away from a social media spat than to say something that will linger in black and white long after tempers have cooled.


Don’t blur the line between fun and professional. Social media has many ways to showcase your personality, but you want to make sure you project the right image. Showing pictures of the boss chilling out at the company picnic is great. However, if things get too crazy, leave the photographic evidence off the web.


Leave negativity off of social media entirely. We all have off days. Those are the days when you should step away from Twitter. If you have an issue with an applicant or candidate, address it personally and not online.


Don’t dilute your brand with too much off-topic content. You might think that having a bustling social media feed is a must in this business, but you’ll find that a more focused approach will draw in a better class of candidates.


Consider limiting someone’s activity instead of completely blocking them. You’ll never when you might need to reach out to them in the future. It’s better not to burn bridges in this industry. Remember that you can always unfollow them later on.

Gain an Edge Over the Competition

So what is the final rule when posting online? It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or for your business. What goes on the internet is there forever, and it can take a long time to rebuild your professional reputation after a slip-up. This is never more true than when you’re a recruiter or a candidate looking for the next great career move.


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