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Five Important Steps: Writing Recruitment Ads to Attract the Best Talent

Would you be satisfied with the candidate “leftovers” for your job postings? When the best candidates are scooped up by the employers with the best recruitment ads, that’s what you’ll be left with. The best way you can avoid being stuck with the dregs of the candidate pool is to write a better ad. Here are five steps you can take when writing your ad to start attracting the best candidates.

1. Clearly state job requirements.

Candidates won’t bother applying for a job they feel over- or under- qualified for. If they’re not sure that a particular ad is relevant to them, they’ll move on to the next one.

2. Highlight tangible benefits.

Job benefits are one of the most important things drawing candidates to jobs. Make it clear to the reader why they should want the job. Highlight benefits that you think will attract the best candidates.

3. Make application easy.

If a candidate can’t figure out how to apply for a job, they might eventually get frustrated and move on to the next ad. Your ad should clearly state what action is required, and make it as easy as possible for candidates to apply. You should also make contact info easy to find.

4. Use clear and specific job responsibilities.

Candidates want to know exactly what their job is going to entail. If they’re not sure what their regular tasks are going to be, they’ll probably move your ad to the “maybe” pile. Avoid using vague descriptions; be specific.

5. Include company description.

Even if your company is well known, potential candidates may not have heard of you. List your products and services. Remember that you are trying to “sell” your company to the best candidate.

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