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Rejected Again? Time to Create Your Own Website

Rejected Again? Time to Create Your Own Website


Sometimes the job hunt feels like a waiting game. You send out a hundred resumes and hope to receive less than a hundred form letter rejections. If the thought of getting even one more ‘Thank you for your interest in this position, but…’ emails makes you want to tear your hair out, it’s time to think outside the box for your job search.


In this economy, a stellar cover letter and impressive resume may not be enough to make you stand out from all the other hungry job seekers. You need something more, something that will signal to prospective employers that you’re a cut above the rest. You need a professional website.

What can a professional website do for you?

A professional page offers you many advantages in the job market:


Enhance your professional image. Your website should be more than just a repeat of your resume. Here, you can highlight your skills through pictures and videos, include commendations and volunteer work, and even (with permission) showcase endorsements from clients and supervisors.


Build deeper connections. While your website should always remain professional, you can add a wide range of little touches that demonstrate your personality. Employers want to know what kind of person you are to work with.


Create a hub for your job hunt. One of the first things many hiring managers do is run a web search on a candidate’s name. You want your professional website to be the first result, not outdated information and unflattering social media from years ago. This is also a convenient way to direct traffic to your page.


Keep your contact information current. If you move or change your phone number, all you have to do is update that line on your website. You won’t need to personally contact everyone you handed an old-fashioned resume out to.

Where to Begin?

Your first step is to buy a domain name; it looks much more professional than ‘yourname.wordpress.com.’ The simplest option is to purchase the domain name and hosting package at the same time. Sites like GoDaddy and HostGator offer this service at reasonable prices, and you may be able to find coupon codes to knock more off the first year’s subscription.


Next, you need to set up the website. There are numerous drag-n-drop templates available that let you build your own site. Popular options include Weebly and Squarespace.

What do you include on your professional website?

An ‘About Me’ page that includes your contact information, a short bio, and perhaps a professionally taken headshot so employers can connect the face to the resume.


A link to your resume. Keep this current.


Connections to your LinkedIn profile and any other professional sites where you maintain a presence.


Depending on your industry, you may want to include a blog that you update regularly. This lets you showcase your in-depth knowledge in the field and, due to how search engines work, will draw more traffic and give your site a better ranking.


If you’re enhancing your website with examples of previous work, make sure that you have the rights to it or permission to publish.

What’s next?

Now that you have your professional website up and running, you’re ready to jump back into the job hunt. An employment agency like Ad-VANCE Talent Solutions can streamline the hiring process. Ad-Vance can connect you to positions in many in-demand fields including healthcare, administration, and the hospitality job industries.