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Savvy Ideas to Boost Your Recruitment Efforts as an Employer in the 21st Century

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Scanning want ads and chasing down job applications in person are outdated practices that job seekers rarely use these days when on a search for their next employment position. As an employer, you should know that the faster you embrace the new ideas about job hunting, the easier it will become for you to fill your open positions within your company. Here are a few savvy ideas to give your recruitment efforts a bit of a boost in the modern age.

1. Learn a little about sales and marketing.

One thing many employers don’t take into consideration in the modern age is that sales and marketing to the workforce is the inherent key to success. While decades ago you would simply slap up an ad online or list a job in the paper, bringing in good candidates these days is all about making your company and the position being offered attractive. There is a lot of competition amongst employers because of the ready availability of job listing information to potential job seekers. It is your job to advertise and market a job position in a way that only the best candidates will take interest and they will take interest because you are more noticeable. Therefore, you have to go above and beyond with your recruitment efforts to stand out from the crowd.

2. Get to know how social media stands in recruitment.

The average person spends as much as three hours every day on social media. So from Twitter to Facebook and back to LinkedIn, you as a job recruiter must be familiar with using social media if you want your job listing to get attention. Send out tweets from your company’s Twitter profile, create an ad on Facebook, and even using professional social networking sites like LinkedIn to track down good job candidates for a specific position.

3. Find out more about talent recruitment services.

If there is one thing that has changed in the 21st century when it comes to filling employment positions, it is the ready availability of services designed to help. If you don’t have enough time to dedicate to recruiting talent and marketing job positions that are available, it is always a good idea to turn to one of the talent recruiting companies which are available. These companies take those extra steps that you may not have the time to accomplish, such as posting social media announcements, managing incoming applications or resumes, and even performing background checks as a pre-screening measure.

With a little knowledge and the right tools, you can easily fill whatever company positions you have available with the individuals who possess the right skill sets. If you would like to know more about effective recruitment in the 21st century, contact us at Ad-Vance Talent Solutions.