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Earn Extra Money From Seasonal Jobs

Earn Extra Money From Seasonal Jobs


Season is here in Sarasota, and many companies are looking for part-time help to keep ahead of business. This is a great opportunity for people looking to turn their extra time into extra money, learn new skills, and network with fields in their interests.


There are numerous seasonal jobs in Sarasota FL  and Bradenton, FL. Take a look and see if they seem like a good fit for you:

Emergency Communications Dispatch

Hours: 12 hour rotating shifts

Pay: $12.50/hour+

The holiday season, unfortunately, is also a time when accidents, fires, and emergency situations spike. Emergency Communications Dispatchers are needed more than ever. This position can help you direct Fire, Law Enforcement, EMS, and other agencies to where they’re needed most.

This is a temp position with potential to hire. Dispatchers are given extensive training to handle emergency calls while following FCC rules and regulations. You will talk with the caller and use software to identify the emergency, locate the caller, and verify addresses in phone numbers. You’ll also interact with the radio dispatchers for various agencies.


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Collections Specialist

Hours: flexible

Pay: $13 – $14/hr

During the holiday months, it’s possible people can forgot to satisfy unpaid balances from being busy with friends and family. If you’re looking for something with more interaction, consider a job as a collections specialist. Calling to collect delinquent balances is a very important position in which you will need to use your negotiation skills.

You must demonstrate a favorable image of the organization through problem solving skills, and work on straight forward tasks using established procedures.


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Accounting/Bookkeeping Clerk

Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm

Pay: $12 – $14/hr

With businesses having much busier months during season, keeping up with the bookkeeping can be a higher priority during these times. This is a great position for someone who loves numbers and using problem solving skills.

Having experience with foreign currency is a plus!


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Business Systems Analyst II

Hours: varies

Pay: Starting Salary $57,948.00

Responsibilities include project budgeting, planning, selection, procurement, and implementation. The ability to read and interpret ordinances, regulations, grants, and legislation as it pertains to applications and systems. Ability to document, plan, develop, procure, implement, apply, and maintain new information management systems according to business policies and practices. Ability to budget, monitor, and acquire according to fiscal policy. This position requires excellent communication skills and possess the ability to multitask and forecast resource needs.

If a job in IT sounds like it’s calling your name this holiday season, don’t wait to apply! Seasonal/temp positions can sometimes turn out to be full-time positions in no time.


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Ad-Vance Talent Solutions

There are a huge number of businesses looking for part-time, seasonal work. A staffing agency can connect you with job opportunities that interest you and are a good fit for your skills. Ad-Vance Talent Solutions has been helping people just like you get temporary positions for the past 20 years. Contact us today to see what we can do for you or check out more seasonal jobs in sarasota fl.