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Six Skills Every Recruiter Needs to Succeed

Six Skills Every Recruiter Needs to Succeed


What makes a good Recruiter? You need to go a step beyond finding talent to recruiting these excellent employees and knowing how to place them in the right position for their personality and abilities. Recruitment is a very competitive field, so make sure you have the right skill set and habits to excel.


Six Vital Habits and Skills for Recruiters to Develop


Adopt a responsive attitude.

Always be available to answer questions or assist the employees with any problems they may have during their job transition. Check in periodically and make it clear that you’re happy to clarify issues. The mark of a great recruiter is that he remains friendly yet professional and sets people at ease.

Listen, don’t just speak.

Your candidates will have a lot of questions and opinions, and by talking to them you’ll get a better idea about their personality and career goals. Ask the applicants about their past experiences, so that you can better gauge what roles they can take on in a company. Similarly, encourage current employees to talk to the candidate, so they can share their direct experiences working at that business.

Go the extra mile.

Different companies, especially across different fields, may have varied expectations regarding employee appearance and conduct. For example, casual attire may be fine at a small office but a large corporation may ask for more formal outfits. You can share your insights into the new place of business to make sure your candidate will make a great first impression. Another way you can go the extra mile is by staying in touch with your applicants. Keep them current on any developments during negotiations so they’ll know you’re actively working on their case. Remember that if a candidate thinks he’s been forgotten or is making no progress, he may reach out to a different recruiter.

Have a vision for the future.

You need to connect the current job pool with coming trends in business and employment. One way to do this is by researching the company and the broader field in which it operates. A candidate may not be a completely perfect fit now, but in the near future his skills could be invaluable. He can also further his career by learning programs, gaining certifications, and otherwise acquire knowledge to make him an in-demand asset.

Time management is a huge factor in your success.

Being a recruiter means that you’ll be juggling many different tasks throughout the day, from answering emails to scouting for talent on social media. You’ll need to stay organized to make sure you don’t miss important deadlines or lose an exceptional candidate to a different recruiter.

Remember both sides of the recruitment equation.

You’ll naturally be focused on the candidate, but don’t forget about the company that needs the future employee. Get a clear idea of what the manager is looking for to make sure you create a great match. As the search continues, keep the manager in the loop with frequent updates on your progress.


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