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Temporary Hiring: A Prelude to Permanent Hiring…

As the economy slowly starts to turn around, more and more employers are turning to staffing agencies for employees. Many do not yet want to hire permanent employees, so they are hiring employees on a temporary basis before taking them on permanent. Employers can also save lots of money by avoiding HR costs and worker’s comp, unemployment, and state/federal taxes when using employment agencies. Until employers begin to do all of their own hiring again, staffing agencies are the best medium for finding employment, both temporary and long-term.

As we see more and more frequently here at Ad-VANCE, there is a stigma surrounding temporary & temp to hire employment. American workers want security, not the notion that their employment could end at any time. Here at Ad-VANCE, we absolutely get that.

What we challenge you to think about, though, is the chance for a temporary job to turn into a permanent one. If you are confident that you are an oustanding worker, than who’s to say that you won’t “wow” that employer into wanting to keep you permanently? … OR that the staffing service won’t keep you steadily employed as each temporary assignment ends or until you find the right permanent job? The temporary time period is a trial for both employers and employees.

… Check out this article from the Middletown Journal in Middletown, OH. While it pertains to that region, the same is true here in Southwest Florida.